Republican Problems More Than Failure to Communicate

The Republican Party needs more than outreach to Hispanics to become a viable national party again.

McConnell Not Willing to Raise Taxes to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Obama thinks he has a mandate to raise taxes on high earners. Republicans think they have a mandate to stop him.

So What Did Silver Opponent Jay Cost Have to Say?

More griping about poor analysis.

Republicans Need To Understand What Went Wrong If They Want To Win Again

Republicans are trying to figure out what went wrong. Will they learn the right lessons from their loss?

In 2012, Democrats Had The Advantage On Foreign Policy

Without question, Barack Obama won the foreign policy debate in the 2012 campaign.

Immigration, The 2012 Elections, And The Future Of The GOP

The 2012 Election should be a warning to the GOP that it needs to open itself up to minority groups, especially Latinos.


Demographics are not destiny; policy positions drive decision, ultimately.

America Not a Center-Right Nation Anymore

President Obama easily won re-election last night, carrying virtually all of the battleground states. Meanwhile, abortion, gay marriage, and recreational marijuana also won big.

Final Gallup Poll: Romney 49, Obama 48

If we elected presidents by a national telephone survey using Gallup’s likely voter screen, Mitt Romney would be a happy man.

China Is Every American Politician’s Favorite Scapegoat

American politicians are using China as a scapegoat for America’s problems.

The Beginning Of The End Of Polling?

The response rates for opinion polling of all types has become incredibly low.

Debunking The Poll Denialists

The arguments of the people claiming that every single poll showing Mitt Romney is unfairly biased do not stand up to scrutiny.

Are The Polls Biased Against Mitt Romney?

Many on the right are heavily invested in the argument that current polling is intentionally biased against Mitt Romney. Their argument is not very plausible.

Running Out Of Angry White Guys

Lindsey Graham: “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

Jeb Bush To Republicans: Stop Being Stupid On Immigration

Jeb Bush continues to speak the truth on the GOP’s position on immigration issues. Sadly, his fellow Republicans aren’t listening.

Paul Ryan Polling Worse Than Sarah Palin?

If a new Gallup poll is any indication, Paul Ryan was not a great pick.

A Presidential Election Without Veterans

For the first time in 80 years, there are no veterans on the major party Presidential tickets.

Obama Crushing Romney Among Latino Voters

Mitt Romney continues to trail the President very badly among Latino voters. That could be a big problem in November.

Problems For Obama Among Blacks In North Carolina? Don’t Believe The Poll

A new poll purports to show the President losing 20% of North Carolina’s African-American vote to Mitt Romney. Don’t Believe It.

Are For-Profit Colleges Worse than Public Colleges?

Private college degree mills have come under intense scrutiny. But many public institutions have similar statistics.

Explaining The GOP’s Relative Silence On Same-Sex Marriage

Republican politicians have largely avoided the topic of same-sex marriage since President Obama’s announcement. Why?

Battleground Virginia: Advantage Obama?

Obama has an advantage in what is likely to be one of the most important states in November’s election, but the race is far from over.

Could Tonight Be The End For Santorum?

When will Santorum bow to the inevitable?

More Maker/Taker Musings

The NYT has an interesting piece on the ongoing limted v. big governemnt debate.

Romney Building A Firewall In Florida?

Regardless of what happens in South Carolina, Mitt Romney seems to be going for a final knockout punch in Florida.

Things Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Despite our rather obvious problems, we’re in great shape compared to the rest of the developed world and, especially, to even our fairly recent ancestors.

Gingrich Nearly Tied With Romney In New Hampshire? Don’t Be So Sure Just Yet

A new poll appears to show Newt Gingrich surging in New Hampshire, but there are several caveats to take into account.

Bad Economy Effects Last a Lifetime

Damage from starting one’s career during a recession can persist over one’s entire working life.

Occupy Wall Street Hurting the 99 Percent

The Occupy Wall Street protests are, ironically, hurting small business owners and others in the 99 percent.

Stealing a Good Education?

Parents are being arrested for sending their children to public schools outside their district.

Republicans Need To Tread Carefully In Response To Jobs Bill

With the economy at the forefront of the public’s mind, the GOP needs to be careful in its response to President Obama’s new jobs bill.

Rick Perry Takes The Lead In New Iowa Poll, But Warning Signs Abound For The GOP

Rick Perry is leading the GOP field in Iowa, but there are warning signs for Republicans as a whole if you look deeper.

Perry Opens Wide Lead (in Rasmussen Poll)

Do we have a new frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination?

Yay! Debt Hits 100% of GDP and Other Good News!

Don’t worry be happy!

Redistribution: Where You Stand is Where You Sit

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.

Racial Gerrymandering and Idiots

Cynthia Tucker regrets her support for majority-minority districts.

25% of Americans Gay or Lesbian, Americans Think

A majority of Americans think homosexuals account for at least a fifth of the population.

TV Ratings Myths

Demographic information about TV viewers is worthless to advertisers.

Broder Misdiagnoses 2010 Election

David Broder, three weeks after the election, explains “What Murkowski’s write-in win says about the electorate.”

Prop 19 Loses Big

Despite the Democrats sweeping quite literally every statewide office in California, Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization ballot issue, lost by 10 points.

Demographics: 2010 vs 2008

The 2010 electorate was whiter, older, and more conservative than that of 2008.