Too Hot For Sesame Street ?

Apparently, Katy Perry’s dress was deemed too revealing for public television.

White Students Minority Among UT Freshmen

For the first time ever, white students do not make up a majority among freshmen at the University of Texas at Austin.

Redistricting and Race

While Republicans will likely take over some key governorships and state legislature after November’s midterms, America’s changing demographics will limit their ability to gerrymander safe districts.

New York Times Fascinated That Republicans Don’t Care That Ken Mehlman Is Gay

The New York Times realizes that most Republicans just don’t care that Ken Mehlman is gay. Surprise, neither do most Americans at this point.

Taxing Millionaires

A special tax rate for millionaires wouldn’t raise much additional revenue but it would make journalists feel better.

Americans Under-Educated

A college degree is becoming a virtual necessity to making a good living in America, yet most still aren’t pursuing higher education.

Massachussets Approves Electoral College Bypass

Massachusetts will become the latest state to join the National Popular Vote movement, a compact wherein states throw their Electoral College votes to the nationwide winner once enough states agree to ensure that outcome.

Unemployment Worse than 1982

Age-adjusted unemployment is at its worst in more than a quarter century

Polling in Afghanistan

Trendy Trends

Josh Patashnik Is Insane

The Future of Suburbia