2Slick For The Daily Show

For those who caught John Hockenberry on the Daily Show yesterday, his Wired article on military bloggers is online here. The story began last November when an email he sent to a Black Hawk Pilot who called himself “2Slick” backfired. Badly.

When the blog storm erupted and the emails began to pour in, Hockenberry confessed he feared for his career. That he responded in the way he has is a measure of his integrity.

It’s a great piece. 2Slick agrees.

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  1. Jim Rhoads (vnjagvet) says:

    I caught some of this when it first came up, and I agree that Mr. Hockenberry handled it quite well. I have often admired his work on NPR, especially on a program dealing with mental health on which he occasionally appears.

    It is sad that too few journalists are big enough to change their minds in the face of rational persuasion.

  2. craig henry says:

    Intermperate email, quick apology, a career is saved, no reason to bring it up again. I have no problem with that.

    However, i have to ask…. would the MSM feel the same way if it was a general who made the intemperate remark and then apologized?