A Bit More Dishonesty

Ted Cruz is at it again.

So, I saw this earlier today (and to keep with what seems to be a blogging theme for me today):

But, of course, “they” are not trying to “CANCEL” Dr. Seuss. The company that owns Dr. Seuss’s materials is choosing to stop published six of his works, because of images like this:

But, Senator Cruz isn’t offering to sign this image from If I Ran the Zoo. No, he is offering to sign a work that no one is seeking to cancel. And yet he is making it seem like there is some assault on Seuss and his most popular works.

Amusingly, to buy the books needed to sign, Cruz is putting money in the pockets of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, otherwise known as those who choose to cancel(!) six Seuss titles (or, in reality, they have decided to stop publishing, as is their right). Given that five of the six titles are pretty obscure, to begin with, this is probably as much a business decision as anything else.

One wonders how someone like Cruz can keep up this level of consistent dishonesty. And yet, he persists.

This all fits with my two previous posts on this subject:

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  1. Gustopher says:

    You want to try to get Ted Cruz to sign that page, don’t you?

  2. scott Heizer says:

    Reminds me of when Bill Nye debated evolution at the ark museum,
    utterly pointless and a good example of the usefulness of educated “experts”.
    Well done sir, You are debating Dr. Suess, does that make you feel intellectual?

  3. CSK says:

    The only person who should sign a book is the one who wrote it.

  4. Jay L Gischer says:

    You know, I think the Dr. Seuss estate may have a decent case against Ted Cruz for “appropriation of likeness”. “Stand with Ted and Dr. Seuss”? Ted is not standing with Dr. Seuss. I’d like to see them clobber the guy for fundraising on his name without his permission.

  5. Jay L Gischer says:

    I just had an idea. Someone with a decent Twitter presence should offer Ted $6000 to sign the image above. I have zero Twitter presence, so it’s unlikely to have much impact if I were to do it, or I would.

  6. steve says:

    Ted would make a lot more money if he signed the I Ran The Zoo picture for Republican voters. They would line up in droves.


  7. Loviatar says:

    To tie this thread in with your other threads from today.
    The Republican party is bereft of ideas (Fantasies of a Post-Trump Republican Party), all they have left as they attempt to cling to power is gerrymandering, voter suppression, silly lies around the important issues and temper tantrums about irrelevant issues.

  8. Moosebreath says:

    “A Bit More Dishonesty
    Ted Cruz is at it again.”

    He stopped? When?

  9. @Moosebreath: Good point.

  10. DrDaveT says:

    One wonders how someone like Cruz can keep up this level of consistent dishonesty.

    What’s going to stop him? It works on the people he’s aiming it at. Apparently at least 40% of Americans have a logic disability.

  11. Kurtz says:

    @scott Heizer:

    I’m unclear about what you are trying to say.

  12. Jc says:

    I would rather he sign my copy of “Winter storm, I ran.” Than “Green Eggs and Ham.” What a tool.

  13. JohnMcC says:

    In my browsing this morning I saw where Radley Balko will sign a copy that Sen Cruz has already signed… For the donation of a mere $500.

    We have barely scratched the surface of how far this can go, given social media and the stupidity of the American right-wing-consumer.

  14. @Kurtz: Same.

  15. SC_Birdflyte says:

    Cruz continues to purvey this nonsense because he still thinks he is smarter than almost everyone else.

  16. Just nutha ignint cracker says:

    One wonders how someone like Cruz can keep up this level of consistent dishonesty. And yet, he persists.

    I don’t wonder at all. Ted Cruz is a lying weasel in a cheap suit who will do anything for money. The real mystery is why he isn’t buying up copies of the banned books and jacking up the price because they’re “rare collector’s items.”