A Really Good Number for Romney

Looking inside the Pew poll (which shows Romney up +4), there is another number that shows a significant milestone:  his favorability, which is now at 50%:

Clearly, he did himself a huge favor in the debate.

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  1. Fiona says:

    Yes he did. He appeared presidential and appearances mean a lot.

  2. Mr. Replica says:

    While Pew has Romney +4 in this poll, Gallup seems to have Obama +5 ,implying that the debate bounce for Romney is fading after getting even with Obama post-debate.

    Also, looking at the Pew poll I saw the swing voters section, which heavily favors Obama on a lot of the topics. With a whopping +62 difference on his ability to connect with ordinary Americans. +23 on consistency, +21 on healthcare, +20 on honesty/truthful, and the list goes on…more favorable on moderate positions, strong leader, medicare, and willing to work with the other party.

    While Romney, on the other hand leads in the jobs part,being up by +15 in regards to the deficit, +8 on job creation, +10 on new ideas(which is pretty funny, imo) and +4 in regards to taxes( in the swing voter section both of the candidates are even) and the role of government. Even before the jobs debate.

    We will just have to see what happens to all of these numbers in the next wave of polls, and of course, after the next debate.

  3. Geek, Esq. says:

    I think his performance was good, but he’s also benefiting from the incredibly poor performance from Obama.

    The New England Patriots look pretty good against a team like the Broncos. Put them up against the Broncos third string team, and they’d look like the 1985 Bears.

  4. Mr. Replica says:

    @Mr. Replica:

    It might not matter since I posted the link to the swing voter sections, but in the Pew poll, Obama has a +14 in regards to foreign policy. It might not be important to the majority of voters out there, but considering the talk here about foreign policy in recent weeks, I though I would point that out.