A Super-Duper Senator

Today the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Arlen Specter, asked the likely future Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:

“Would you think that Roe might be a super-duper precedent in light of in light of 38 occasions to overrule it?”

If you need any more proof that the lunatics have taken over the asylum, perhaps you’re one of them.

Don’t ever forget that both Jorge Bush and Rick Santorum both “strongly endorsed” this complete moron/charlatan over Pat Toomey.

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Leopold Stotch
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  1. Herb says:

    As I watched and listened carefully to most every questions put forth by a group of so called, “Representatives of the people”, And heard Judge Roberts provide his answers, I was in a constant state of laughter.
    It reminded me so much of the Iran Contra hearings when Ollie North gave his answers to the same stupid like questions. When Ollie North answered, he talked on and on and never provided one clue that came close to an answer.
    The “Representatives of the people” got so frustrated that they forgot the questions. Judge Roberts did almost the same thing. It truly was amusing.

    It is also very scary to think that this is what we have as our Representatives that pass our laws, spend our money, and claim to be so American.

    As for Roberts himself, He’s “just another Lawyer” need I say more?

  2. Jack Ehrlich says:

    The previous poster forgot, or never knew that the purpose of the confirmation hearings is not to find out how the Judge will vote on certain issues, or how he feels about this or that, but what criteria he will use to make those decisions. This is a Judge that believes the Constitution sets a boundary into which laws must fall or they fail. Supreme Court Justices have the job of making the call as to whether or not legislation fits the constitution. Judges do not legislate from the bench.

  3. Chip says:

    Had my proof long ago, thank you.