Ann Coulter Falls Out Of Love With Trump Over DACA

It’s not just Sean Hannity and Breitbart News who’s upset with Donald Trump over his apparent DACA deal, Ann Coulter isn’t happy either:

Ann Coulter has said some pretty over-the-top things about President Trump. She has sometimes referred to him as “emperor god,” proclaimed one of his immigration-themed campaign addresses to be “the most magnificent speech ever given” and tweeted that she is so enamored of his immigration policy that she, an abortion opponent, would be willing to turn a blind eye if Trump decided to perform abortions inside the White House.

In fact, Coulter wrote in her most recent book, “In Trump We Trust,” that “there’s nothing Trump can do that won’t be forgiven.”

She did add one asterisk: “Except change his immigration policies.”

Now that Trump has changed his immigration policies, advocating legal status for DACA recipients who he previously said should be deported while saying that “the wall will come later,” Coulter is saying over-the-top things of a very different nature.


In a Thursday-afternoon interview on WBAL radio in Baltimore, Coulter told host Derek Hunter, a contributing editor at the Daily Caller, that Trump is “the worst negotiator I’ve ever seen.”

In Trump do you still trust?” Hunter asked Coulter.

“Um, I trust in Trumpism,” Coulter replied. “I think it may be too late. … It may be too late for the country, which is why I am sad for the country. We did everything we could do.”

Notice how Coulter separated Trump from Trumpism — the man from the political ideology on which he campaigned. Coulter still believes in the ideas Trump espoused as a candidate, but she sounds awfully close to giving up on the president himself

Here’s a few examples of Coulter’s post-DACA deal tweeting:

I’d say the romance is over, but the truth is that Trump will return to his old form at some point and Coulter will no doubt be there to cheer him on, as will Hannity and all the others.

That being said, let’s sit back and enjoy the schaudenfreude.

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  1. Mr. Prosser says:

    “Some cold and rainy day, when everything looks bleak, and the breaks are beating the boys, I will call up this tweet and be joyful once again.” – Charlie Pierce

  2. wr says:

    I love her referencing Carrot Top, possibly the only 90s pseudo-celebrity less relevant to the world today than she is.

  3. grumpy realist says:

    How much of this is the Coultergeist actually believing what she spouts and how much of it is having a hissy fit so that she can get her face in front of the TV cameras again?

    Ann Coulter: a woman who has made her entire professional career out of being a troll.

  4. MarkedMan says:

    As TC Boyle pointed out so well in “A Little Taste of Fugu”, for a critic to remain on top they must disapprove of things. Critics who approve of things too often aren’t taken seriously. And Coulter has never done anything herself, she just criticizes others.

  5. inhumans99 says:

    And yet, if you put a ballot in front of Ann Coulter right this second that said Republican: Donald Trump / Democratic Party: Joe Blow, she would not only mark her ballot for Trump, but also cross out Joe Blow and write in “Lock Her/Him Up! (fixed that for you)” under that section.

    The same goes for Hannity, and quite frankly the 35-45% of U.S. voters who are all but guaranteed to vote Republican. Republicans have thrown in their lot with a racist figurehead of their party, and I do not care if some other Republican than President Trump makes it into the White House in 2020, this is something the GOP should not be allowed to forget.

    A good chunk of the GOP has been calling Democrats baby killers for over 30 years due to the issue of Abortion, and godless sinners for supporting things like gay marriage (notwithstanding that many Democrats/Independents are Catholic like myself), so we should spend the next 30 years tarring the GOP with a broad brush and calling them the party of racists. They made their bed so now they get to sleep in it.

  6. Kylopod says:


    And yet, if you put a ballot in front of Ann Coulter right this second that said Republican: Donald Trump / Democratic Party: Joe Blow, she would not only mark her ballot for Trump, but also cross out Joe Blow and write in “Lock Her/Him Up! (fixed that for you)” under that section.

    Coulter herself has a history of this sort of thing. In early 2008 she declared that if John McCain won the GOP nomination she would support Hillary Clinton, whom she presumed at that point to be the presumptive Democratic nominee.

    Of course since Obama became the Democratic nominee it saved Coulter from having to prove whether she’d have gone through with that promise. Clearly it was just her way of saying “I’m gonna hold my breath till I turn blue!”

  7. dazedandconfused says:

    It’s obvious Trump is controlled by popularity. Being a narcissist, he blames the R’s for his own. He is seeking a way out. Coulter and whoever serves as Hannity’s brain are only trying to do the rational thing for true believers (not in Trump, but the “right”) to do in this situation, make him unpopular for doing this. They have a problem: The conditioning of the “base” to support Trump no matter what he does or says makes this a heavy lift.

    “A find mess this is!” as Oliver Hardy might put it, who seems as relevant as anyone to quote at this point.

  8. teve tory says:

    Hey Ann, you fell for a conman and now you’re pissed you got conned?

    Derp derp derp.