It’s Friday, but I should avoid the worst of the traffic.

The last linkfest of the week:

  • Spoons has uncovered a dastardly plot to screw Illinois police out of their pensions.
  • Dan Drezner clearly does not grasp the concept of “open debate thread.”
  • Baldilocks‘ dad is an African non-American. Yet he’s also black! Spooky!
  • Jen Speaks on African-American white boys. It’s the Twilight Zone!
  • Jeff Quinton has more crap about South Carolina. Man, I’ll be glad when that one’s over.
  • The Commissar has a Move-On poster submission. Way too mainstream.
  • The Other Kate has some off-colour humour.

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  1. jen says:

    It kinda cracks me up that you mock-complain about the traffic, you of the 15 minute commute. Thanks, as always, for the linkage (and resulting traffic). You’ve been especially generous lately. =)