Nikki Haley’s Unforced Error

A poor answer to a softball question has created unnecessary controversy.

Haley and the Politics of Slavery [Updated with Video]

Why can’t some of us handle the truth?

The Nikki Haley Comet

The anti-Trump forces are rallying around the former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador.

The (American) Politics of Israel-Palestine

Pick a side. No nuance allowed.

The Faux Haley Boomlet

The press really needs to stop trying to make fetch happen.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Suddenly a Republican

Another illustration of the weakness of the American party system.

Republican Crazies Forcing Government Shutdown

The House is in recess as the exasperated GOP leadership tries to figure a way out.

Democrats for Christie

A perennial fantasy has a new standard bearer.

Jimmy Buffett, 1946-2023

The Gulf and Western singer, songwriter, and mogul has died at 76.

Et tu, Lexington?

The Economist joins the “Biden is too old” bandwagon.

Is Mitch McConnell Still Fit to Lead?

It’s time for transparency on the Republican Leader’s health.

Democrats Worried About Youngkin

Virginia’s governor has raised a ton of money.

The Quest for a Non-Trump Republican

The Establishment is desperate for an alternative that’s not coming.

Florida Curriculum Politics Update

A tale from the DeSantis’ Woke Wars.

Could Trump Really Be President Again?

It’s not nearly as far-fetched as most of us would like to believe.

US to Cooperate with Hague on Russia War Crimes

President Biden has ended a months-long impasse.

What Would It Take to Beat Trump for the Republican Nomination?

The former President has a 50 point lead. Is he unstoppable?

Fear of a Third Party

The Electoral College is holding a nation of millions back.

America’s “Family Secret” or Just Plain Denial?

Slavery is an inextricable part of our past, whether we want to talk about it or not.

SCOTUS Lets Stand Transgender ADA Inclusion

The justices declined to review a bizarre 4th Circuit decision.

A Stew of Stupidity

Eight state have withdrawn from a system to prevent illegal voting because of ignorance and agitation.


Another hat for the pile.

DeSantis Pandering to the Deplorables

Out Trumping Trump is possible because of Trump.

Why Are So Many Republicans Running?

Are they bored? Delusional?

Glenn Youngkin May Run After All

Virginia’s governor is reportedly taking a shot at the 2024 Republican nomination.

Trump’s Town Hall

CNN gave the former Liar in Chief a huuuge platform.

Pentagon Opposes Helping Prosecute Russian War Crimes

A wrongheaded if longstanding position.

Trump Remains Odds-On Favorite for 2024 Republican Nomination

As tired as we may be of him, his nominating electorate appears ready for another round.

GOP Candidates Must Sign Loyalty Pledge

A no-brainer that’s brainless.

Weak Parties, Part Gazillion

“The GOP” is not a singular unit.

What the Hell Are We Shooting Out of the Sky?

It’s probably not strange visitors from outer space but we can’t rule it out.

SOTU 2023: Normal vs Crazy

The state of the union is . . . not good.

Democrats Upend Primary Cycle. At Least for 2024. Maybe.

South Carolina and Georgia win! Iowa loses! New Hampshire whines!

Chinese Balloon Mania

Tales of threat assessment and media reactions.

Nikki Haley Running for President

Someone has stepped up to challenge former President Trump.

There’s No Whisky in this Mouthwash?!

It turns out that the candy flavored booze at the grocery store isn’t even bourbon.

Democrats Radically Overhaul Presidential Primaries

The idiocy of Iowa and New Hampshire having outsized influence on who is elected President may be ending.

The 2024 Democratic Primary Calendar Debate

Democrats meet this week to set the 2024 primary calendar.

Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Survives Initial Legal Challenges

Opponents lose at the district and SCOTUS level in opening salvos.

Lindsey Graham’s Abortion Stunt

He’s proposed a bill with no chance of passage seemingly timed to hurt his own party in the midterms.

‘Don’t Tread on Me’ License Plates

States are sponsoring an increasingly controversial image.

Democrats Punt on Primary Order

They’re going to wait until after the midterms to decide whether Iowa and New Hampshire stay at the front of the line.

South Carolina Outlaws Speech Related to Abortion

States emboldened by Dobbs are testing just how far the Supreme Court will let them go.

The ‘Figure it Out Yourself’ Phase of COVID

With the government throwing its hands up, it’s now up to the citizenry.

Senate Passes Bipartisan Gun Bill

The most expansive firearms legislation in decades is likely to become law.

Takeaways From the Takeaways

It’s not all about Trump.

Two Republican Parties?

Some GOP governors are taking a stance against Trump.

Mass Shootings, Ideology, and Mental Illness

We know a lot less about the motives of spree killers than the public discourse suggests.

Trump Losing Sway with Republican Voters?

We can only hope.