Bill Richardson Job Interview Ads

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s has a new ad campaign out that’s going viral on YouTube. The first ads, “Job Interview” and “Tell Me” poke fun of the fact that the candidate is a virtual unknown despite having easily the most impressive resume in the Democratic field.

Here’s the video of the two ads, which run back-to-back:

Kevin Drum thinks they’re “wildly, bizarrely, wrong” and simply confirm the existing stereotypes. His readers are “running approximately a thousand to one against” him, however.

Ogged contends that, “They do a good job of introducing him and manage to walk the line between deathly dull and cutesy.” Then again, his title references the Buffalo Bills. Presumably, he’s talking about the perennial Super Bowl losers of the 1990s and not the perennial playoff non-factor they’ve become since. Either way, that’s not good for Richardson.

Football analogies aside, though, I’m with Ogged on this one. Ads that are self-deprecating (like Michael Steele’s commercials for the Maryland lieutenant governorship) get people’s attention and tend to make people like the candidate.

Then again, Steele’s election day fate was quite similar to that of the Buffalo Bills. Even without Scott Norwood’s help.

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  1. Anderson says:

    JJ deserves great credit for reading Unfogged, btw.

  2. carpeicthus says:

    I like them. They make me more likely to give his candidacy another look, which is exactly what they’re supposed to do.