Democrat Andy Beshear Leads In Tight Kentucky Governor’s Race

Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular suffered a big loss in the Kentucky Governor’s race.

Some Messages from CPAC

What is CPAC telling us about the contemporary conservative movement?

Des Moines Register Endorses Clinton, Rubio

Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio have won the endorsement of the Des Moines Register, but it’s unclear how much this will help their respective campaigns.

Blue Trumps Black and White

A former RNC chair says a black man’s life isn’t worth a ham sandwich.

Eric Cantor For RNC Chairman?

A new job for the Congressman recently filed by his own constituents?

Rand Paul Warns Republicans That Voter ID Emphasis Is ‘Offending People’

Once again, Rand Paul is challenging conservative orthodoxy.

Governor Romney, Just Release The Tax Returns And Get It Over With

Mitt Romney’s intransigence over releasing more tax returns is politically stupid.

Santorum Admits He Cannot Win The Nomination Without A Brokered Convention

Rick Santorum’s campaign is starting to tilt at windmills.

Herman Cain Campaign On The Verge Of Collapse?

Is the Cain Train finally running out of steam?

The End Of America’s Political Parties?

Are America’s political parties become irrelevant?

Jon Stewart Not a Moderate!

Don’t confuse moderation in tone with moderation in beliefs.

Republicans and Black Candidates

Do Republicans like Herman Cain because he’s black?

Michael Steele RNC Re-Election Likely?

The sitting RNC chairman is losing to a field of no-name candidates. Is he actually the favorite?

WikiLeaks Documents A 21st Century Pentagon Papers ?

Will the Wikileaks document dump give even further impetus to the growing sentiment that the United States needs to leave Afghanistan ?

The Coming Republican Crackup

Will a debate over foreign policy tear apart the GOP ? Probably not.

Ann Coulter Anti-War ?

Is Ann Coulter’s defense of Michael Steele’s Afghan War skepticism the beginning of conservative split, or just an attempt to pile on President Obama ?

RNC: Michael Steele Not Going Anywhere

It looks like we’ll have at least five more months of Michael Steele gaffes to look forward to.

Bad Idea Of the Week: Sarah Palin For RNC Chair

The latest bad idea from some conservative pundits ? Sarah Palin for Chair of the Republican National Committee.

Michael Steele Under Fire For Afghanistan Remarks

Once again, the knives are out for Michael Steele after his recent Afghanistan gaffe.

Michael Steele: Afghanistan Is A “War Of Obama’s Choosing”

The Chairman of the RNC is expressing doubts about America’s war effort in Afghanistan.

Burying The Lede

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The Mommy Slur

Guess The Candidate