Although he confuses me with some obscure early 20th century poet, I shall nevertheless link Tiger’s review of the top blogs on the Ecosystem. My summary of his summary:

  • InstaPundit: A bunch of links by a lazy law prof with no content or comments section. He sucks but he’s been doing it a long time so everyone links him.
  • Daily Kos: Confusing, dry, and left-leaning. But has comments section.
  • Eshaton: Well written, left-leaning, has comments section. Doesn’t suck.
  • Volokh: Good but boring. No comments section. Kinda sucks.
  • Sullivan: No obvious ideology but very homosexual. No comments section. Doesn’t really suck.
  • Lileks: Not really a blog. No comments section. Good writing, though.
  • Joshua Marshall: Leftie, well written, no comments section.
  • LGF: Lots of stuff plus allows comments.
  • USS Clueless: Long, possibly Trekkie. Comments enabled. Doesn’t suck, except too long to actually read.
  • CalPundit: Well written, has cat pics, comments enabled.
    All sites authored by white males.

Following Tiger’s lead, Kevin Aylward rates the bottom five sites on the Ecosystem. My summary:

There’s a reason no one has linked to them! Lots of Aussies, too.

Go read the originals for an expanded analysis.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Obscure 20th century poet? You mean ‘one of the most well-known and respected novelists of all time’ surely? You shoudl be honoured. Not that I’ve read his stuff like.
    Tiger failed to notice the utter, all-pervasive racist horribleness of LGF, which dissapointed me.

  2. James Joyner says:


  3. Paul says:

    Tiger failed to notice the utter, all-pervasive racist horribleness of LGF, which dissapointed me.

    It would be so easy to rip that comment to shreds but for the sake of civility on Mr. Joyce’s board I shall pass.

    I would simply as the poster to perhaps consider…. Naw- I’ll even give that a pass.

  4. April says:

    Obscure?!? Really, James, you should know better than that… 🙂

  5. James Joyner says:

    Apparently my subtle, ironic wit is lost on some people. . .

  6. Tiger says:

    I do all the writing and you get all the comments. See what happens when you are an obscure early 20th Centruy poet?

  7. James Joyner says:

    I feel for ya, Tiger. Linkin’ ya is all I can do.

  8. Tiger says:

    I don’t know why, but after I typed “James Joy” the “ce” just fell right into place. I have changed it to remove the stigma that you are the reincarnation of an obscure early 20th century poet.

  9. Tiger says:

    Although I did not go into that, the last statement made in your take of my review of Sullivan may not be literally true. I have no first, second, or other hand knowledge about such, just this sneaking intuition that such statement is likely incorrect.

  10. dude says:

    LGF has some good links, but the comments are troll city. Does anyone actually read through all of them?!

    Instapundit is an unstoppable link-bot. His comments are usually rather banal however. Quantity over quality I guess.

    Den Beste is often rather insightful, but you need to set aside a bit of time to get through them.

    My current favorite blog is Reason’s Hit and Run. I guess that’s a blog of sorts.