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The fantasy football season is over. I was in two Yahoo leagues, Blogger Fantasy Football and the Webloggers League.

Through the vagaries of fantasy football, my WL Rodeo Clowns, which finished the regular season with the best record, lost in the first round of the playoffs by two points in a game where Terrell Owens went down with a season-ending injury. Of course, sitting the hot Kerry Collins in favor of Brian Griese in that game didn’t help, either, costing me a 28 point differential. The Clowns rallied this weekend to take the consolation game for a 3rd place finish.

Meanwhile, the Beltway Bandits of the BFF finished the regular season 7-6 but made it through a three-round playoff to win the championship. I started the season with several superstar running backs but not enough wide receiver talent, and then lost several key wide receivers through injury. Plenty of waiver wire work, an early season trade of Fred Taylor for Marvin Harrison, and the late-season resurgence of Trent Green carried the team through.

Blogger Fantasy Football final standings:

Beltway Bandits
SF Republican
Drunken Pirates
Freeport Railmen
Maximum Rehab
So Cal Lawyer
Sneakeasy’s Joint

Webloggers League final standings:

Collected Miscellany
The PoliBloggers
Rodeo Clowns
SCSU Scholars
Sun City Force
john kerry sucks
Daddy Longlegs
Fighting Amish
Crazy Cooters
The Jedi Knights
The Boltfins

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  1. Funny I lost a playoff game by sitting Collins for Griese too! I also managed to eke out a Championship in the other league (the one you finished third in). This time largely because Donovan McNabb only played one series on MNF. Fantasy football always makes me glad I don’t wager any money on things like this, I could go mad and broke very quickly.

  2. James Joyner says:

    Yep. And the team that rode Peyton Manning all the way through the season lost in the first round to a theretofore pitiful team because Manning had an off day.

  3. Oh, did I stink up the joint at the end. Easily my worst season ever.