Acidman, who apparently hasn’t quit blogging after all, gives some advice on how to get started. The non-expletive-laden version is this:

  • Start with a free blog on Blogspot to see if you like it
  • Get off Blogspot as fast as humanly possible once you decide to stick with blogging
  • Spring for a bunch of bandwidth in case you get instalanched
  • Don’t be a “begging whinner” like Sully
  • Write for yourself
  • (Hat tip: Dean Esmay)

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    James Joyner
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    1. Dean Esmay says:

      I would like to share what I dub Esmay’s 1st Law of Blogging: any weblogger who’s been at the game for more than a year who publicly announces that he’s tired of blogging is quitting will post his next blog entry within three days. It will probably begin with these words, or something to their effect: “This is more addicting than I thought, and so I’ve thought some more about it and…”

    2. James Joyner says: