Various happenings across the blogosphere. Acidman claims to have given up blogging for good in a series of posts culminating yesterday. His rationale, that people are taking blogging too seriously, is rather odd:

I was pleased when my traffic picked up, and once I was able to send visitors to new blogs I discovered, I was both happy and proud to do that. I mentioned before that I wished someone like ME had been around when I got started.

I got hit by some of the Tall Dogs, but I didn’t send them tittie-pictures, troll them or promise them blow-jobs for a link. They liked what I wrote and linked it. They found it on their own. I always thought blogging was like putting a note in a bottle and casting it into the sea. Maybe it will wash ashore somewhere and someone will read it, or maybe not.

I was stupid to do that.

You want to get famous fast? I’ve seen how that’s done. You suck off people’s knowledge about how to set up a site, ditch them when you’ve sucked the goodie out, run through their blogrolls and mass email everybody with links to your posts, troll constantly and show your titties. Then, turn around and shit on everyone who helped you get started because you are BIG TIME now, and you don’t need those little shits anymore.

I’m with most of his commenters in thinking that, well, if you don’t care about how well your blog is doing compared to other blogs then, well, don’t worry about it. I’m not sure if this is some sort of satire that I’m missing or what. (And, the market for “tittie pictures” and, um, services from Acidman might not be all that strong. Although, ironically, there is a picture of him shirtless atop his sidebar.)

In related news, the Great Rat Race continues, with Jay Solo now moving to one point ahead of his competitor by virtue of the 6 point handicap he started with.

Finally, Jen Speaks has left blogspot and moved to her own domain and a pMachine powered blog.

Update: Kevin fisks Acidman in greater detail.

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  1. joy says:

    On the first guy. I don’t enjoy ranty-obscenity filled-sexually explicit-obnoxious blogs. Sure, I might want to read one if I’m in a mood or there’s a post that I am interested in, but I don’t return. The terms insightful and clever don’t seem to apply here.

    Perhaps there’s a point where that sort of content just isn’t regularly bringing in readers?

  2. MommaBear says:

    A-Man goes through convoluted periods in his life and his blogging; he’ll come out of this somewhere that gives him ease for at least a little while.

    There have been a few who think they have a right to tell him what he must do next, but they don’t live his life, so that’s way too presumptuous, by far. Read or don’t read, but don’t pontificate to him.

  3. James Joyner says:


    I don’t have any problem with him quitting or taking a break if that’s what he wants to do. And he can do it for any reason he wants; it’s his life and it appears to be a rather complicated one, indeed. But if he’s going to rant and rave and insult everyone who he disagrees with along the way, then I don’t find it unreasonable for people to say his rantings are BS.

  4. jen says:

    I have no comment about Acidman.

    I do, however, have to thank you for the link. I’ve gotten a lot of OTB traffic today. ‘Preciate it.