Right We Are! is having a caption contest of their own. Danged amateurs. Thanks to Kevin for pointing it out.

Jay Solo is complaining about sites that have comments features that don’t work well, despite the fact that he’s on the AOL of the Blogosphere and using an external comments service. He’s nonetheless managed to get 7000-odd hits and his traffic has been on the rise. Just think how well he’d do if he had a real hosting service. He’s currently working to gather information about the technical aspects of moving, hosting services, blogging software, and the like for both his own move one day as well as a permanent resource for newbies.

Running List Of Blogspot Defectors

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  1. Jay Solo says:

    Observing more than complaining. It amuses me I have such strong opinions about how I will want my own comments to work. Ironically, the 3rd party comment system that’s down fairly regularly is surprisingly close.

  2. That (sic) system is pretty good for a freebie, but man its down soooooo often…