Bombers on Benefits

Adding insult to injury, it turns out that at least two of the Islamist terrorists who attempted to bomb a London bus were living on welfare.

Bombers on benefits (The Sun)

TWO fugitive London bombers have been living in Britain on state benefits, it emerged last night. Somalian Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, received £23,000 in housing benefit over six years while living at a flat in Southgate, North London, which was raided yesterday. Flatmate Muktar Said-Ibrahim tried to bomb a bus.

TERROR suspects were spotted lugging mysterious boxes into the one-bedroom flat in which two bombers lived rent-free. Last night neighbour Sammy Jones, 33, recalled: “I asked them what they were carrying upstairs. They replied, ‘wallpaper stripper’. “Thinking back, it may well have been something more sinister.â€


via Michelle Malkin

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  1. abu massan says:

    A number of explosives will serve as wallpaper stripper. Unfortunately the wall itself and anything else within a few hundred meters may also be “stripped.” Welfare helps make it possible for good terrorists to plan successful attacks. Receiving welfare causes alienation in the recipient, further motivating the good terrorist to attack the system that demeans his manhood and questions his personal competency.

  2. peter cain says:

    What exactly is a “good” terrorist????????

  3. Herb says:

    Thats right Abu Massan, make another excuse for the terrorists to “justify” the murder of average everyday working people.

    What have you done Abu Massan to stop these murders besides making excuses for them??

    If the welfare were taken away from these pigs, the would squeal like stuck pigs and the entire Muslim community would cry “prejudice” of “profiling”. How much welfare did they get from the Muslim country they fled.

    Abu Massan, EXCUSES DON’T GET IT

  4. McGehee says:

    Herb, the man was making a joke.

  5. Juliette says:

    Irony is dead.