Brad Pitt: I’ll Marry When Everyone Can

Actor Brad Pitt gave Esquire a rather interesting explanation as to why he isn’t married to the mother of his daughter, Shiloh, and two adopted children, Maddox and Zahara:

Brad Pitt, ever the social activist, says he won’t be marrying Angelina Jolie until the restrictions on who can marry whom are dropped. “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able,” the 42-year-old actor reveals in Esquire magazine’s October issue, on newsstands Sept. 19.

Brad Pitt Esquire Cover He’ll likely be waiting a long time. The magazine has not yet arrived and the article is not on Esquire website (although the cover, thumbnailed left, is out) so all I have to go on is the AP summary. One presumes he is referring to homosexuals being barred from marrying others of the same sex in 49 of the 50 states, although taken literally he could be referring to bigamists, polygamists, animal lovers, or any number of others. Regardless, with Congress trying to amend the U.S. Constitution to “protect” heterosexual marriage and dozens of states having already done so, one imagines Shiloh will be in college and her parents still unmarried.

Brad Pitt Won't Marry Until Everyone Can Photo Actor Brad Pitt smiles during a news conference in New Orleans on Aug. 31, 2006. Pitt says he won't be marrying Angelina Jolie until the restrictions on who can marry whom are dropped. The 42-year-old actor reveals his plans for marriage in Esquire magazine's October issue, on newsstands Sept. 19,2006. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)Though Shiloh, the world-famous daughter of Pitt and girlfriend/earth mother Angelina Jolie, hogged much attention upon her birth in May, Pitt says he “cannot imagine life” without adopted children, Maddox, 5, and Zahara, 1. “They’re as much of my blood as any natural born, and I’m theirs,” says Pitt. “That’s all I can say about it. I can’t live without them. So: Anyone considering (adoption), that’s my vote.”

A nice sentiment.

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  1. Triumph says:

    without adopted children, Maddox, 5,

    Its great that he named his kid after the Dodgers future hall-of-famer, but it would have been nice if he had actually spelled the name correctly!

  2. Jim Henley says:

    What transparent crap. The truth is, Angelina won’t marry him because she’s hoping against hope that I come on the market again.

  3. floyd says:

    brad; probably thinks that monogamy is for monosexuals. since he is so much in love with himself,he’d better get the paperwork started! please!! spare me the video!

  4. whatever says:

    By not being married, their children are bastards.

  5. Mark says:


    A minior quibble: They named the kid when Maddux was with the Cubs, so they wanted to pay homage to the future Cubs Hall-of-Famer! Heh.

  6. Mark says:

    Whoops – I was wrong! Maddux was a Brave when the kid was born. Who knew Brad and Angelina were Braves fans?

  7. James Joyner says:

    Well, Pitt was married to Jennifer Anniston when Maddox was born. One hopes he didn’t have a hand in naming him!

  8. DC Loser says:

    Maybe they had Lester Maddox, the other famous Georgian Maddoxm, in mind.

  9. randall says:

    Brad it seems like about 95% of Hollywood marriages end in divorce so what does it matter. By the way, I’m one of those guys who works at a private airport terminal and most Hollywood stars I see are shallow and phony. They will say what is popular at the moment just to stay in headlines.

  10. LibraryLady says:

    Didn’t Charlize Theron already make this “grand statement”?

    Angie already has two failed marriages and Pitt has one. I’d say this is just a divorce avoided!

  11. maltiti says:

    i think brad and angie re braves fans

  12. KiKi says:

    If they marry thats great…if they dont….WHO CARES. 🙂

  13. LJD says:

    Who cares what he has to say regardless.