Yahoo! News reports that a director I have never heard of is going to quit after an insipid film he made got booed at Cannes. One would think anyone making a movie called “The Brown Bunny” would rather expect to be booed, no?

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  1. drlivipr says:

    Maybe his expectations were too high.

    After all, sex sells, right? He managed to convince Chloe Sevigny (sp?) to participate. Maybe “endure” would be a better term–the Times (of London–no link, sorry) overview sounded like the activity was graphic enough to be discomforting and long enough to be unendurable.

    Getting a name actress to do prOn ought to count for something with the Cannes crowd. Oh wait, the French started doing that a couple of years ago. It’s hard to be avant garde with last season’s fashions…