Zogby Blog has several posts and links on the controvery over a certain krusty, klownish koot’s remarks on Bush’s carrier landing, including a great commentary by Fox’s Neil Cavuto:

The West Virginia senator has the right to criticize anyone he wants. If he thinks the president was grandstanding with that speech to the troops and the nation onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, that’s his right.

But here’s what isn’t: Not saying boo when Bill Clinton did the same thing on Bosnia.

Byrd loves to talk about Republicans and their waste. But never says a word about his penchant for pork barrel projects in his own state.

He criticizes ego-craven politicians who like to make themselves look good. But doesn’t say diddly about the scores of highways, buildings and bridges that sport the Robert Byrd name back home.

Maybe Senator Byrd can think of a better, more somber forum to talk to our troops. But I think the deck of an aircraft carrier loaded with men and women who’ve been on assignment longer than any other is a pretty good one.

I didn’t mind it and I don’t think those very grateful sailors did either.

Anyone is free to criticize anyone else in this country. But be careful.

I’m not going to lecture you on eating a salad. Robert Byrd is the last guy on the planet who should be lecturing anyone on grandstanding.

Heh. Indeed. Apparently, many West Virginians feel likewise:

“He’s been like that ever since he’s been in Congress,” Glenwood resident Roger Coulter said. While Coulter agreed that Bush’s speech was rather theatrical, he still thought Byrd may have gone a little too far. “Byrd doesn’t need to be (in Congress) now. He’s getting too old.”

* * *
Byrd “went overboard” with his remarks about the president, a Bluefield man who did not wish to be identified said. “I certainly don’t agree with what he said. He needs to retire.”

* * *
Calvin Smith, of Princeton, also disapproved of Byrd’s remarks and called for his retirement. “He’s too old. Politicians use politics for their advantage. President Bush did nothing wrong.”

I sense a theme emerging.

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  1. jen says:

    If you ask me, Cavuto’s rants are the best part of his show. But I couldn’t care less about the business stuff anyway. I just watch for his rants.