Cain Second and Perry Fourth in Florida Poll

Via the St. Petersburg Times‘ blog, The Buzz:  Fla poll: Romney 28%, Cain 24, Gingrich 10, Perry 9

Cain is now running in second place in Florida now that his support surged nearly 19 percentage points after last month’s Republican Party of Florida’s Presidency 5 debate and straw poll, according to a survey of likely Florida voters conducted by Gainesville-based War Room Logistics, which typically polls for Republicans.

Meantime, Perry’s support plummeted nearly 16 percentage points.

A rather remarkable set of numbers and far more significant than the straw poll results. 

It will be interesting to see if other polls have similar numbers.

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  1. I blame this solely on Social Security, being Florida and all. I’d say to wait for other polls before assigning any sort of significance to this.

  2. Apparently it’s a robopoll, so I’d take those numbers with a giant salt lick.

  3. anjin-san says:

    I blame this solely on Social Security, being Florida and all

    Well, some would say Perry deserves the blame, not Florida. At any rate, winning the White House with FL is a pretty tall order.

  4. @Chris Lawrence: That would explain it.

  5. David says:

    I wonder if we are seeing a frustration factor rolled not this as well. I give no value to a robopoll for real information, but the results make me think a segment of the GOP is less than happy with the current field.