Caption Contest Winners

The Inconvenient Goof Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Thanks for the many, many, many funny captions, some are honored below —

REUTERS/Sam Mircovich


First: Stormy DragonThose who complained that Daniel Craig was the worst James Bond ever were to regret their actions when his replacement was announced.

Second: charles austinEarth in the Balance, with Al Gore as counterweight.

Third: DaveD – The photographers covered every angle being unsure which side of Al was going to do the talking today.

Honorable Mention:

bRight & EarlyStriking evidence of global swelling.

GollumTuxedo by Armani – – Body by Hostess.

yetanotherjohnIn a move reminiscent of recent Russian-Ukrainian political maneuverings, it has been revealed that Hillary Clinton was behind the Al Gore dioxin poisoning that caused his body to swell so much.

Dave SchulerMarch of the Penguins.

McCainJust fart, dammit.

radio free fred – The Return Of Underdog And Tennessee Tuxedo..

FormerHostage – One photo editor to another: “Dang! If bloggers caught the Couric photoshop there’s no way in hell we’re gonna get away with ‘fixing’ this one!”

LorgSkyegon – Al Gore announced today that his next project to stop global warming would be to go to Antarctica and live among the penguins to get a first-hand account of how their lives are changing.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

I am algorax, I speak for the trees,

While Steve Irwin suffers a horrible fate to carry out his work to save the environment, Al Gore suffers through this photo op to carry out his.

“Tipper? I don’t even know her.”

DRUDGEBREAKING: Today it was announced that Al Gore has secured the role of the rejuvenated stay-Puf Marshmallow Man in the third Ghostbusters movie.

The Monday contest is already in the seventh inning stretch.

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Riding Sun is playing extreme Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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