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Rodney Dill
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  1. Kenny says:

    “I’m in our subwayz pushin you downers. Oopsie, a train.”

  2. earlybird says:

    “You know that light at the end of the tunnel? That’s not God, that’s the C Train!” – (with apologies to the movie Daredevil)

  3. DaveD says:

    Suddenly the Republicans thought a taxpayer subsidy for ailing mass transit systems was worth it if it kept the trains running reliably and on time.

  4. Dantheman says:

    Will threats of being pushed in front of a subway train replace waterboarding as the preferred method of “enhanced interrogation techniques” in a Giuliani administration?

  5. Sam says:

    How Hillary finally got her “I Love NY” tramp stamp.

  6. yetanotherjohn says:

    A mass transit proposal that the republicans can get behind.

    Rudy reminded people of his successful mafia prosecution career as a US attorney general by demonstrating how rivals were dealt with.

    Oh sure. Its all fun and games until Hillary kisses the third rail … then its hilarious.

    Political insiders say that Hillary’s candidacy is moving ahead like a train. Rudy agrees.

    Next on Fox news. The first bipartisan debate of the political season with the two front runners expressing how they will campaign against each other.

    It’s that horse laugh I tell you. Just one to many times I heard her give that horse laugh and I just snapped.

    Strengthening his “uniter, not a divider” credentials, Rudy took action today that brought cheers from the liberal net roots left and the right.

    Rudy speaks out about right to life in a way the GOP faithful like to hear.

  7. Scott_T says:

    1) Throw mama infront of the train.

    2) Rudy: Watch out for that 1st step Hillary!

  8. dennis says:

    And over here is the Ney York Welcoming committee.

  9. Lindy R. Dole says:

    Hillary: “…but why are we still wearing these sunglasses Rudy?”

  10. Rachel Edith says:

    “Oh, I see what you mean now, Rudy, when you say you want to train me.”

  11. Wyatt Earp says:

    Rudy decided he wanted to put HillaryCare to the ultimate test . . .

  12. G.A.Phillips says:

    a couple of stoned liberals waiting for the subway.

  13. markm says:

    On the campaign trail, Rudy continued his anti-terrorism meme that he would do what President Clinton failed to do…

  14. FormerHostage says:

    Rudy: “Just a little bit farther. Don’t peek now or you’ll ruin the surprise!”

  15. FormerHostage says:

    A trifecta train wreck?

  16. John425 says:

    Photo pre-9/11- Rudy and Hillary, in a personal moment, enjoy a laugh as they throw principles under the bus.

  17. John425 says:

    Down on the tracks, Obama realizes what “the light at the end of the tunnel” really means.

  18. mannning says:

    Push me, pull you!

  19. John425 says:

    Rudy and Hillary practice the boogaloo before catching the train uptown!

  20. Hodink says:

    “Wait a New York Minute there, Hillary. I’m replacing Torre, not you! Say ‘Uncle’ or it’s the third rail for ya.”

  21. floyd says:

    No caption necessary!! JUST HURRY-UP AND FAST FORWARD A FEW FRAMES!!

  22. floyd says:

    Rudi has a one track mind!

  23. floyd says:

    Rudi trys to clean up the party of his true loyalty!

  24. floyd says:

    “Now, let me show you a real SMEAR CAMPAIGN!”

  25. floyd says:

    Now please show us “The Bus”,”The Cliff”, “The Taxi”, “The Waterfall”,”The Shark Infested Ocean”, “The Tall Building”,”The Lion”s Cage”,”The Airplane Door,”The Shuttle Hatch”, “The Dumpster”,”The Cesspool”,”The Stampede”….
    Thuuu….What else Ya GOT???
    [sounds of heavy breathing]

  26. MikeM says:

    Gosh, Rudy, your version of Blind Man’s Bluff is fun — but what’s that loud noise?

  27. DaveD says:

    It was pretty clear to bystanders that at this point Rudi was going to have the last laugh.

  28. Hey Hill, this is how much New Yorkers love You.

  29. Gollum says:

    Finally someone gets the Democrats going onto the right track.