Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

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Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. The Bucketts Preform At Radio City

  2. New Military Helmet Being Tested

  3. New Drum Core Pails In Comparison

  4. Will The Real Tommy Lee Please Sit Down

  5. They Finally Got The Acoustics Right

  6. It Was A Clean Show

  7. Jay Wills says:

    New Democrat Activists Receive Mandatory Mau-Mauing Training.

  8. Bithead says:

    Jack, always a slow learner, finally figured out he was SUPPOSED to drum on the bucket in FRONT of him.

  9. The Dick Cheney Marching Band

  10. Janitor Union Calls For Solidarity

  11. Rodney Dill says:

    AP BREAKING: radio free fred gets jump on captioning, leaving others to mop up.

  12. Elkida Marching Band

  13. “Can’t Talk Now Rodney I Have To DRUM Up Some More Captions.”

  14. Rodney Dill says:

    Figure you’ll snare a few more?

  15. the Pirate says:

    Politically correct Atlanta Braves fans hide their shame while doing the ‘Tomahwak Chop.’

  16. T. Harris says:

    Lorenzo was sickened by the odds. Eight buckets to choose from, and he placed on his head the only one that had been used to haul fish guts out to the dumpster.

  17. Here at Lawson Buckets we keep our Inspection Dept. busy. ( looks like I snared another one )

  18. “What the hell do you mean we ran out of blue paint?”

  19. Ingress says:

    Bode Miller, Chad Hedrick, Lindsey Jacobellis and Johnny Weir appear in the NYC Parade for U.S. Olympians.

  20. Dr. Phil Holds Shy Drummer Seminar.

  21. Local Band Trains For Night Parades

  22. McGehee says:

    Headline: “New Plastic Has Better Mind-Ray Blocking Properties Than Tinfoil”

  23. I still think we got this wrong somehow.

  24. Rachel Edith says:

    Covert punishment of drumming the pail-encased heads of ineffectual elected officials stays busy 24/7.

  25. “Ain’t nothing like a bucket of head cheese after a hard day.”

  26. FreakyBoy says:

    After the death threats and fatwas, �The Mohammeds� were never quite the same live.

  27. OJ says:

    The latest Abu Ghraib torture pictures…

  28. G A Phillips says:

    Another public school hard at work, shaping the minds of our young.

  29. sgtfluffy says:

    The “Butterface” Marching band perfoms live on the Howard Stern Show

  30. Yo says:

    In contrast to reality, and through DNC sanctioned, “liberal sight-slots”, Cindy Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers and Michael Moore still find reasons to beat their anti-war drums.

  31. Kent says:

    “Hey … you lookin’ at me?”

  32. McCain says:

    Just as the Koran promises, 70 virgin mops await each of the martyred bucketheads.

  33. Scott_T says:

    The latest Home Depot’s commercial showcasing their newest pails, the rejected one use female models doing the same thing with the pails, supprisingly, covering the same areas.

    I’d rather have a bucket infront of my than a frontal lobatomy.

    Welcome to the next season of Home Depot Idol! (ba-dum-cha)

  34. Lorg Skyegon says:

    After seeing the success of the Blue Man Group, many copycats have emerged

  35. dougrc says:

    Having arrived in America with high hopes at the same time as “The Beatles”, “The Buckets” percussion quartet never could garner the same press attention as the boys from Liverpool and eventually the band packed up their pails and sticks and went home to Stoke-on-Trent.

  36. floyd says:

    No diversity here; everyone looks PAIL !!

  37. floyd says:

    they’re not real cowboys; those are only five gallon hats!!

  38. Hermoine says:

    Abu Garib has gone from TV-MA to TV-Y7.

  39. Timmer says:

    In a sudden fit of pragmatism, Ward Churchill attempts a career where he might find some credibility.
    Cindy Sheehan takes her act to the local lesbian cabaret.

  40. Maggie says:

    Potheads are demonstrating once again in San Francisco. Hoping to legalize marijuana, they chanted to the steady drumbeat, “Free Wacky Weed”.

  41. Timmer says:

    Left to Right: Jay Bennish, Ward Churchill, Howard Dean and Al Franken in the DNC’s version of, “Walk the Drumline.”

  42. Bithead says:

    I get knocked down…
    But I get up again
    You’re never gonna keep me down

  43. The Unknown Comic’s children get their shot on American Idol.

  44. We are the knights who say …, “pa-rum-pa-pum-pum.”

  45. Are we not men?

  46. … it’s bucket-headed drummers all the way down.

  47. “Welcome to Heaven, here’s your harp. Welcome to Hell, here’s your bucket.”

  48. Blue Man Group remains safe, … for now.

  49. Next year, the INXS reality show competition will select a new drummer!

  50. “Tim Robbins’ new play lamenting America’s descent into fascism under the Bushalliburton junta cleverly uses the imaginative symbology of bucket-wearing bucket beaters to remind us all of the theft of our most sacred rights via the so-called Patriot Act.” — Frank Rich

  51. I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on the bucket all day.

  52. Eve Ensler scores again with “The Polystyrene Platitudes”. — Maureen Dowd

  53. Hey, at least they won’t develop tinnitus, unlike those steel drum players.

  54. And now with their unique rendition of “A Whiter Shade of Pail”, I give you the Buckettes!

  55. And now, the Ur Reality Theatre Cooperative will thrill us with their unique interpretation of “Brokebucket Mountin'”.

  56. “A new standard in bad amateur theatrics.” — Leonard Pinth-Garnell

  57. Maniakes says:

    “On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.”

  58. charles austin I am impressed; That’s What I Call A Bucket Full Of Captions!

  59. DaveD says:

    The Democrats were unified in their drumbeat message to end the U.S. commitment to Iraq. In fact, they wanted to be far enough away from the Middle East to have no sand to bury their heads in.

  60. McCain says:

    Liberal school teacher holds a war crimes trial for a bunch of buckets, for reasons known only to him.

  61. FreakyBoy says:

    This year, “Whack a Mole” was added to the curriculum at Tommy’s Pinball Academy.

  62. scotty says:

    dems still beating the drum of socialism

  63. scotty says:

    damn hippies started another drum circle , quick someone call cartman!