Caption Contest Winners

The Morton Salt Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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The Winners:

First: Lionel – Senator Clinton learns Monica Lewinsky now works as a Paparazzi.

Second: Gollum“A cigar? No, thanks.”

Third: Hodink- “It was my best Christmas present ever! I heard him in there preparing. ‘One: Cut a hole in a box. Two: Put your junk …’ Well, you know the rest. And honey, I definitely needed my umbrella.”

Honorable Mention:

Scott_T – Hillary’s reaction when asked about Pelosi lasting out the month as Speaker.

DaveD – Hillary realizes that the first time is the last time she takes makeover advice from Nancy Pelosi.

FormerHostage – Here we see two shrews in the wild, each one attempting to assert dominance by opening her mouth the widest. This is soon followed by poo flinging.

Caliban Darklock – Hillary froze, terrified, as the stick began to slide out of her ass.

John Burgess“Why’s everybody always pissing on me?”

TimmerBarak? It’s twoo it’s twoo.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“Senator Clinton… Senator Clinton… they’ve just found Vince Foster’s secret diary…”

“…and actually Bill went along with my SWMBO policy until he found out it didn’t mean ‘Sex With My Bitchin’ Oldie.’

The Monday Contest has already assumed crash positions.

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