Caption Contest Winners

The Gaza Strippers Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

The Winners:

First: Timmer – “Ms Spears? Put DOWN the umbrella and the clippers and come with us please.”

Second: MaggieSupporters of the Pelosi-Murtha Iraq policy gather outside Fallujah for a rally.

Third:(tie) FormerHostage – “When Boy Bands Attack!”

Third:(tie) charles austinThese Fatah members were getting rather tired of being lectured by Al Gore about lowering their carbine emissions.

Honorable Mention:

David Harris – Now…Simon says hop on your LEFT foot!

yetanotherjohnToday on Bowling for Terrorists…

Caliban Darklock – Here we com… walkin’ down the street… get the funniest looks from… everyone we meet…

elliot – Okay men we’ve got 24 hrs liberty, hurry before all the good camels are taken.

Gollum“Last one to the goat pen’s a rotten infidel!”

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Can you find the Democrat Presidential hopeful hidden in this picture?

“Rabbi Season…”
“Duck Season…”
“Rabbi Season…”
“Duck Season…”
“Rabbi Season…”
“Duck Season…”

In just 0.15 seconds after the conflict began, France surrenders.

In the islamic remake of the musical “Grease,” A fatwa was issued that the Thunderbird was a holy symbol and Sandra was summarily beheaded.

Akmed pulled the detonator on his 10 pounds of semtex a tad early and the Hamas hopes of taking March Madness by storm quickly evaporated

The Monday Contest is already getting a charge out of it.

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    This is a great caption