Caption Contest Winners

The Thufferin’ Thuccotash Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.




The Winners:

First: Gollum“Okay let’s see now . . . Black labrador, 7 years old, great with kids, not a stupid as he looks, goes by the name “King,” no calls please just take him from the backyard anytime . . . okay, enter . . . enter . . . and we’re done! Ha ha ha! Craigslist RULES!”

Second: FormerHostage – Dang! “pu*********@ao*.com” is already taken!!!

Third: TimmerSo…what are you wearing?…POL (Purring Out Loud).

Honorable Mention:

Dantheman – I need to play with this mouse before I kill it.

Alan KelloggMicrosoft reveals their new on-line customer support.

G.A.Phillips – Another liberal caught posting at OTB.

DaveD – Phishing on the web can be such a cat and mouse game.

elliot – Why don’t these people get….Reply: For the last time I am not Ann Landers and this is Dear Tabby got that DEAR TABBY!!

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“It was a dark and stormy night…”

A novel, The Tiger’s Revengeby Claude Balls.

ROFLACUAHB (Rolling On Floor Laughing And Coughing Up A Hair Ball)

“Hmmm… maybe I should’ve entered Persian cat instead of furry pussy.”

As long as ‘Socks’ lived, Monica Lewinski had thought she’d continued a surreptitious internet relationship with Bill.

The rudys-hill Thursday Contest is preparing for one big final campaign push.

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