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The Smell Our Dairy Air Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: MikeM – Why, yes, we ARE glad to meet you. And that’s no bull!

Second: charles austinNo one was amused that Phil used three fake teats.

Third: radio free fred – “Mad Cow Disease Or Just Pissed Off?”


yetanotherjohn – Democrats found that the larger than expected Iowa caucus turn out seemed to be from voters with a particular beef.

BitheadWhy that’s udderly ridicowlus.

chris – All the moo’s that’s fit to print

Deathlok – Man in back(not seen): Slow down on Clowning!! Stop The Clowning!! What?!? Damn! I got the wrong costume.

markm – “In what some believe is a possible sign of Armageddon…bipedal cloned cows mixed with Dell brand bipedal cows AND the bipedal cows from those California Milk Producers commercials..when asked about the intergrazing, one cow was herd to say “well, we’ll just have to let the chips fall where they may””

John425 – Legal Defense Team of P.E.T.A. poses for group photo before marching to Supreme Court.

elliot – Cow with the ‘Got Milk?’ sign in front: “Hey you, I hope that’s a fake teat you’re poking me with back there.”


Looks we really stepped in it this time.

We demand 15%

Mad Cows picketing Crane, Poole, and Schmidt.

‘Teats not reTreats,’ was the conservative response to ‘Breasts not Bombs.’

The greatwhiteshark Thursday Contest is already anticipating a turnover in the polls.

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  1. elliot says:

    Thanks for the HM – Elliot

  2. Thanks for Third Rodney…I Feel Like John Edwards

  3. Does that mean I get to be Obama, yeah, that’s the ticket! Come to think of it, I did finish first n the last contest too.