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The If The Trailer’s Rockin’ …. Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.





First: G.A.Phillips – We woke up this morning and the illegals were just gone from the border, all that was left was this magnificent statue.

Second: yetanotherjohn – A very nasty scandal was averted only because the women laughed and never actually accepted a mustache ride.

Third: radio free fred – Friedman Trailer Wins Nader Safety Award For Double Tongue Design.


DMan – Hillary campaign regrets its decision to put Bill in charge of funds in Texas.

radio free fred – Another Economic Indicator…The Down Sizing Of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Su BertonHuckabee’s new campaign vehicle.

Timmer’s Threefer

Hillary’s Thought Bubble: Now THAT’S a cigar.

Monica’s Thought Bubble: Now THAT’S a cigar.

Any woman who’s ever slept with Bill Clinton: Now THAT’S etc. etc..


“Bill, where’d that stain under the trailer come from?”

… and I live in a trailer down by the river.

I think Bill’s overcompensating for something

A cigarette is just a cigarette, but a good cigar is a poke.

The Lewinsky wing of the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.

The nakedcowboyThursday Contest already has Shrinkage.

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  1. I can feel the love……Thanks Rodney….

  2. Bithead says:

    Side comment;
    Those ‘Teardrop” trailers are all the rage, right now. It’s amazing what they’re doing with the things, these days. I’m a camper myself, and own a 21 ft RV,and have seen a lot of the teardrops at various parks I’ve camped at over the years.

    What amazes me is the price on some of ’em.
    Here’s one maker of these things, that has a 360 view of the inside. Small but OK for one or two people, if it’s not raining.

    Here’s one where you can see the inside.