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The Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: yetanotherjohn – The secret to survive the burning man festivities? Asbestos

Second: elliot – Now that is passing the buck($)

Third: DL – Every crowd has its silver lining


ElmoRemember to properly inflate your tires, in order to save energy.

charles austinWe have a new candidate to replace Yucca Mountain as the national repository for nuclear waste.

Caliban DarklockNot content to stop anywhere, the buck went to the beach.

yetanotherjohn – Like any other hollywood star, the silver surfer just put on some sunglasses and blended in with the crowd.

DL – I have to admit – there are two Americas.

Rachel Edith – Spaceman – “Hey, was that Kid Rock?” Kid Rock – “Hey, was that a spaceman?”

hlnNo, dude, it’s the Silver SURFER, not the Silver Cyclist – No matter what Trek is paying you.


…and they used to think “Groundhogs Day” was a funny holiday.

Ned Surfer never attained the coolness of his older brother, Silver.

“‘Lo Woody…” “‘Lo Buzz….”

“Marco…” “Polo….”

“Damn community organizers….” “Damn Small Town Mayors…”

Blanch Armstrong

The palin_laid_bearMonday Contest is smarter than the average bear.

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