Caption Contest Winners

The The PAST and PRESENT Edition Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



(AFP/White House/File/Eric Draper)


First: DL – we’re going to call my first 100 days, “Scamelot!”

Second: ElmoBut of course Mr. President …. what is spoken here, stays here.

Third: MstrB – Did you know NFL games could end in a tie?


Our Paul – Nice flowers Mr. President, Who sent them to you?

Eneils Bailey “And again, there are Fifty states…”

Gippergal – W: “No, Barack, I don’t think ‘Pimp My Office’ is a good way to reach your constituents.”

Drew – What took them so long to replace Grossman with Orton……..?


“Advice? Don’t eat the pretzels.”

“waffles and Chicken? get outta here….”

Obama: “I hear you were going to sabotage all the computer keyboards by replacing the letter “O” key with a Zero key.”
Dubya: “Yes, but how would you know?”

Obama: “Any advice?”
Bush: “Objects in rear, are larger than they appear”

“A position in your cabinet? Sure, can you make me Commissioner of Baseball?”

“No, I voted Presdent 180 times, ’cause thats what I wanted to be.”

The goofballThursday Contest has already blown its lead.

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