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The Deliverer Has Come Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


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First: floyd – This should finally prove to even Obama’s most ardent supporters….. ‘Egypt us!!

Second: DL – I need a slave to hold the papyrus steady, that I may orate magnificently.

Third: Chadzilla – And people were worried that President Obama’s address to the kids would be “indoctrinating” or “over the top”! Silly conservatives – it’s just a little pep talk for the kids. Nothing showy.


G.A.Phillips – The new Set for Presidential addresses?

charles austinAll the Copt’s in the donut shop go way-oh way-oh way-oh-way-oh…

John Burgess“Now listen up, Kids…”

yetanotherjohn – OBama’s speech to America’s school children created more fury than anticipated as some felt he crossed the state sponsored religion line.

Maggie Mama – Big Brother is watching.

elliot – For the first time in history. A president has built his own ‘memorial’. Obama proudly sits atop his creation right next to the Lincoln Memorial.


“So let it be teleprompted, so let it be done.”

“YOU LIE!!!”

Obama’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech

King Putz

“A Sphinxter says what?”

“The Pyramid is opening” “Which one?” “The one with the ever widening hole in it.”

The youarefiretruckedThursday Contest has already been thrown under the busfiretruck.

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