Caption Contest Winners

The Good vs. Evil First Lady Edition, OTB Caption ContestTM has concluded.

The winners:

Yahoo! News – Politics Photos

1st: Elizabeth Southern: “I don’t care what John told you, it does make your butt look fat.â€

2nd: Rodney Dill: “Hello Jerry†“Hello Newman

3rd (tie): dw: “$300? I got this at Ross for $39.99!â€

3rd (tie): KipEsquire: “No, MINE is eggshell and YOURS is almond!”

Thanks to all the participants. A new contest will begin tomorrow.

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  1. Rodney Dill says:

    Heh, glad you enjoyed the Seinfeld reference. I was hoping for a picture of the candidates together right after the debates for this caption, but after I thought about it the sentiment fit here pretty good too. Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth Southern says:

    What fun! Thanks!