Chyron Failure Of The Day: MSNBC Edition

Apparently, MSNBC believed that Felix Baumgartner went really fast

Found via Facebook

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  1. KariQ says:

    Quick, someone get a comment from Einstein! If man can travel faster than the speed of light, a quote from the dead should be easy.

  2. michael reynolds says:

    That must be why the video is so bad.

  3. Brett says:

    And he landed before he took off! Take that, causality!

  4. @Brett:

    That was an intentional part of the mission. They weren’t going to risk a launch until they knew they were already having been going to succeed.

  5. ernieyeball says:

    …already having been going to succeed.

    Is this anything like deja vu all over again?

  6. @ernieyeball:

    It was a reference to a Futurama gag.

  7. rudderpedals says:

    The chyron’s reference frame is riding with hypothetical Andrea Mitchell on her near-light speed trip to the stars. Bon voyage brave lady!

  8. ernieyeball says:

    I thought I had seen most of them including the one where Bender shits a brick.
    But memory fades.
    Do you recall a Futurama opening sequence where a basketball team that more than vaguely resembles the Harlem Globetrotters appears in outer space and…???
    All I remember is ROFL! Then again it might have all been an hallucination.

  9. ernieyeball says:

    So much for Gravatar’s you can’t read. It says “Khe Sanh Bridge”.
    I was going to give free advice to anyone who could guess where it is.

  10. @ernieyeball:

    It’s from the “parallel-universe-in-a-box” episode, all though it’s a variation on a gag that occurs frequently in comedic sci-fi shows involving awkward grammatical constructions been created to discuss time-travel, parallel universes, etc.:

  11. ernieyeball says:

    @Stormy Dragon:
    Thanks alot.
    Now please explain to me how in the final scenes of the first Back to the Future Marty McFly, who is in the present, can observe himself being launched into the past in the DeLorean (spoiler alert) just before the terrorists kill the mad Dr. Brown (end spoiler alert).
    There can’t be two Marty’s in the same place at the same time…can there?

  12. OzarkHillbilly says:


  13. Comment of the day was at Twitchy’s page with this: “Based on my math, Felix probably landed sometime during the late cretaceous period.”

    But don’t be too hard on MSNBC – they have legions of fact checkers and editors to make sure that everything they report is checked, rechecked – and checked again.

  14. @ernieyeball:
    “There can’t be two Marty’s in the same place at the same time…can there?”


    So there you go.

  15. ernieyeball says:

    @Donald Sensing: Yes. So there you go.

    Well maybe. Although it appears to the viewer that both Marty’s exist in the same time (Sep. 23 19xx at 11:59:00 PDT eg.) when he is watching himself, the Marty watching the other Marty leaving in the DeLorean has to be older since he knows he has already left in the DeLorean.
    And they are not in exactly the same place. One is several yards away from the other.
    I guess this could work…

  16. Tillman says:

    @ernieyeball: Just watch Primer. Sure, you might come out with more questions, but at least you’ll have a better idea of how perplexing time travel can get.