Kevin Drum, based entirely on reading Wesley Clark’s book, thinks Clark is a bright guy who can build coalitions but is probably also a pain in the ass, doesn’t play well with others, and is a bit naive. Sounds about right.

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James Joyner
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  1. whatever says:

    Uh, Drumm’s analyses are – how shall I gently put it – deficient, one-sided, lacking reason, emotional, hypocritical, and petulant. But that is probably generous.

    I’m seriously considering starting a blog called “DrummWatch”. Entries will consist of doing the same analyses he does on people he hates towards people he loves (he likes doing analyses on only one side), pointing out contradictions between posts he writes, and putting up stories he SHOULD put up.

    I will say in fairness that on SOME days his blogging CAN be even handed, but that seems about once a week, so I am assuming those are the days he takes his lithium.