Domino’s Working On Pizza Delivering Drone

Pizza Drone

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, the Pizza Drone:

Domino’s Pizza hired a creative agency called T + Biscuits to test the feasibility of octocopter drones that deliver a hot, delicious pizza to your doorstep.

Heavily branded as the DomiCopter, the current prototype can deliver two, large pizzas in about ten minutes within a four mile radius of the store. While future versions could hypothetically use GPS coordinates to deliver the pie, the existing model is piloted from the ground by someone experienced in drone flight.

The DomiCopter has eight spinning blades and includes the standard thermal insulation bag that’s carried around by Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers. Developed by a company called Aerosight, this type of drone is primarily used for capturing broadcast quality video with cameras like the Red Epic , Canon C300 or Sony PMW F3.

No flying permits are needed to operate the drone up to 126 meters off the ground, as detailed by NBC News recently; only permission of the landowner is required. Other tools that can be used with the drone include on-board GPS, air pressure sensors and an electronic compass.

“If anything, it went quicker than a pizza boy,” T + Biscuits founder Tom Hatton said when asked about the feasibility of using the DomiCopter drone. “We were amazed at how easy it was going to be.” Hatton was referencing the time required to navigate roads as well as stop at red lights.

According to Hatton, other names previously batted around for the DomiCopter included the “Pepperdroney” and the “Flyin’ Hawaiian.”

I suggest the Pizza Bomber.

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  1. Al says:

    Domino’s is working on something that can deliver “hot, delicious pizza?” Weird. When are they going to start work on something that’ll deliver the pizza they make?

  2. Moosebreath says:

    Will Rand Paul start a filibuster against this? He is opposed to drones attacking American people will lethal weapons, and Domino’s pizza sure qualifies.

  3. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Does it take tips?

    Actually, this is just another evil plot by Obama to register all pizza eaters in preparation for the Obamapocalypse where he will take away all our pizzas….. Or something like that.

  4. the Q says:

    Can the drone stop at a 711 and pick up some barley pops with your order? And what about the stoned out nerds who hijack the drones when they get the munchies? Or the meth-heads who use them as target practice for their non semi automatic rifles. (Definition of semi automatic weapon from pedantic gun freaks in 5….4….3…2)

    But seriously, I can see home deliveries, but what about to condo’s or apts. which have security entrances? Or does one come out and catch the pies falling from the skies?

  5. Franklin says:

    @Al: I actually had a Domino’s pizza in the past year after avoiding it for more than a decade. Surprisingly, the pie was acceptable.

    But what I’m really wondering about is if people will rob this (robotic) delivery guy.

  6. mtnrunner2 says:

    What’s a decent tip for a drone?