Dutch Muslim Cartoon: Anne Frank and Hitler in Bed

Haaretz reports that the Dutch Islamists have struck back in kind, posting cartoons depicting Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler in bed.

A Belgian-Dutch Islamic political organization posted anti-Jewish cartoons on its Web site in response to the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in Danish papers last year and offended many Muslims. The cartoons were posted on the Arab European League’s site on Saturday. It was not working Sunday morning because of exceeded bandwidth.


One of the AEL cartoons displayed an image of Dutch Holocaust victim Anne Frank in bed with Adolf Hitler, and another questioned whether the Holocaust actually occurred. Dyab Abou Jahjah, the party’s founder and best-known figure, defended the action on the Dutch television program Nova Saturday.
“Europe has its sacred cows, even if they’re not religious sacred cows,” he told the program.

Denying the Holocaust is illegal under most European hate speech laws, which outlaw intimidating or inciting hatred toward groups on the basis of their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual identity. Complaints about alleged hate speech are common but prosecutions are rare and convictions very rare.

The AEL espouses nonviolence but has gained a reputation for extremist views, and opposes Muslims integrating with non-Muslims. It promotes the participation of Muslims in political dialogue in European countries, but is internally divided as to whether or not to participate in elections directly.

Here it is, via Jawa Report:

Photo: AEL cartoon Hitler and Anne Frank in bed 'Write this in your diary Anne Frank

I would argue this cartoon is more offensive than any of the Dutch Mohammad cartoons that sparked the rioting and arson sprees around the world. Therefore, I expect Jews to burn down several mosques and Israel to launch a military strike on Mecca.

Well, no, I don’t. There will be some hand wringing about how disgusting the cartoon is and lots of talk. But violence? Widespread violence? Not likely.

[Update: Michelle Malkin notes, “Arab newspapers run this kind of sick propaganda all the time. And nobody riots. Nobody burns down Arab nations’ embassies. Nobody threatens to behead and massacre and annihilate the Muslim cartoonists.”]

I agree, incidentally, with Bluto that Holocaust denial laws are assinine. Speech, even hateful speech, is often illuminating. And it provides an outlet for expressing frustration that certainly beats alternatives.

See all of the images in full size at my Danish Muslim Cartoons page.

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  1. Billy says:

    In fairness, they’d have to burn down the Belgian and/or Dutch embassies for this one – but point well made.

  2. McGehee says:

    I’m amazed the Islamists would allow Hitler to be depicted in a cartoon either.

  3. Susan says:

    All religions are human constructs; we all believe amny things that may or may not exist and are ephemeral. Hitler was real, and Anne was real, and she was a child. How could this compare to the Danish cartoons? Sure, they were offensive, but they make Baby Jesus dildos and nobody riots.

  4. chiasmus says:

    The cartoon depicts an underaged girl after she has been raped by the man whom we know in fact had her murdered by asphyxiating her in a gas chamber.

    Not funny, just perverse. But not surprising either, given how the Arab street seems to find images of spilled blood, slaughter, and human agony so titillating. Think of the video taped images of real life hostages, while they are being beheaded.

    Strange that whoever drew this should think that they are somehow answering the Danish cartoonists.

    Whatever you might say of those cartoons – childish, an attempt to provoke, immature, insulting – they weren’t depraved.

    This is.

  5. Angela says:

    You must understand though. this is Prophit Mohamid . A prophit that Muslims idol and brought down the Quran (Islamic Bible). This is just as affensive as the Jews would feel about the Holocaust. MAYBE this is the best comparison for you to understand. And for the Christ matter, no one told you not to stand up for what you believe is wrong. The first time u let it pass, you only allow it to accure again

  6. Carl Walters says:

    I have great news!

    Words and images cant hurt you!

    Both cartoons are just jokes. No need to get offended. It doesn’t matter which is worse either.

  7. R. Taylor says:

    OK–where shall I aim my “disgust” at this cartoon?
    I should burn a few buildings, maybe killing a few people in the process????

    Or should I do what I do with all items of this ilk–pass it off as a product of the imagination of some ignorant fool and toss it into the circular file?

  8. angelica says:

    i think that this is disgusting. although we basicaly did the same. so i can’t say that we are completely innocent.