Ecosystem Enhancements

N.Z. Bear is tweaking the Ecosystem to provide more information on the “details” page.

– History statistics for the blog’s rank and total unique inbound links presented in a line graph. Check out Power Line, Captain’s Quarters, INDC Journal, Hugh Hewitt or Allah’s detail pages for good examples.

– An expandable tree menu showing the blog’s ten most-linked-to posts and who linked to them

– An expandable tree menu showing the links which the blog has received from other blogs, sorted in descending order of the source-blog’s Ecosystem rank (for easy identification of ‘big links’ from top bloggers).

There’s actually a glitch in the system at the moment but it should be interesting once he gets the bugs out.

Bear has created an interesting and useful tool, although one that’s grown rather unwieldly. Between duplicate blogs, non-blogs, and bogus addresses that inflate site statistics, the rankings are never as accurate as they could be. There are so many blogs on there and so much potential for mischief that it’s almost impossible for one man to keep up. Still, it’s a fun site for checking out how a blog is doing.

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  1. Tom says:

    I really enjoy using this utility, but it’s been hanging my site up off and on for weeks now. Hopefully that’ll get straightened out soon. Curious to check out the new features.

  2. bryan says:

    It’s also about the only reference available that ranks blogs according to traffic and links, which is useful if you’re doing some research on top-flight blogs.