From: Scott Ott reports:

Bishops in the Episcopal Church today approved the election of the first openly-Muslim bishop in the church’s history.

The Islamic cleric, who rejects the deity of Jesus Christ, received an overwhelming majority of the vote.

A spokesman for the Episcopal Church said the move demonstrates, “Our church is open to all people, regardless of their beliefs, or whether they accept the teachings of the Bible.”

Rings true to me.

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  1. As Richard Feynman point out, it’s all just words about words…

  2. JKC says:

    It’s Episcopalians, son.

    Episcopalian is the noun.
    Episcopal is the adjective.

    If you’re going to make fun of my church, at least get your terminology right… 🙂

  3. James Joyner says:

    Heh. I knew that. Really, I did. (Although I think it’s the reverse, no? Episcopal is the noun and Episcopalian the adjective?)