Explaining Easter Island

Local legend says that the statutes that populate the shores of Easter Island walked there, according to this video that may be more true than it seems:

H/T: Suzy Khimm and The Daily What

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. DRS says:

    National Geographic’s cover story this month is about the statues of Easter Island. Haven’t read it yet but it’s on the bedside table pile.

  2. racehorse says:

    They still can’t explain why they were built.

  3. CSK says:

    @Doug Mataconis

    “Local legend has it that the STATUTES that populate the shore of Easter Island…”

    Spoken like a true lawyer.

    P.S. A still from this would be great for a caption contest.

  4. Scott O. says:
  5. Peter says:

    Easter Island trivia: there is a minimum spacing of about three hours between aircraft flights to the island’s airport. It doesn’t effect airline flights because they are much less frequent but can be an issue with respect to charter or freight operations.
    The minimum spacing is required because Easter Island Airport is far from any other airports and has only one runway. If an airplane were to crash while landing or catch fire on the ground and block the runway, and another flight were within three hours’ flying time, the second aircraft would be doomed: it wouldn’t be able to land on Easter Island, and would run out of fuel if it tried to return to the nearest airports on the Chilean mainland.

  6. That’s an amazing video, thanks.