Paul Ryan And Patty Murray Reach Budget Deal, But Can It Pass Congress?

A budget deal has been reached, now it has to get through both Chambers of Congress.

Jeb Bush The Latest Republican To Repudiate The Norquist Pledge

Jeb Bush is the latest Republican to eschew GOP tax orthodoxy.

We Are The 53 Percent

In response to a poignant collection of tales of suffering from the worst economy in decades, some conservative activists have put up a juvenile collection of “suck it, losers” posts.

Will Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” Make The Senate Better, Or Worse?

Harry Reid’s “nuclear option” has changed the rules of the game, for now.

Sexism Parody Demonstrates Lack of Sexism

A handful of young male bloggers have launched themselves to the head of the line, leapfrogging those who’ve spent years playing the game by the old rules.juice

Angle Attorney: Reid Intends to Steal Election

Sharron Angle’s attorney is charging that “Harry Reid intends to steal this election if he can’t win it outright.” She touts various “shenanigans” in a fundraising letter.