Five US Soldiers Killed in Iraq; 21 Iraqis Die in Suicide Bombings

Via the BBC:  Five US soldiers killed in central Iraq

Five US soldiers have been killed in central Iraq, the US military has said.

Iraqi security sources said there had been a rocket attack, with other reports saying the target was on the outskirts of Baghdad.

The BBC’s Jim Muir says the US military has suffered its single most serious incident in Iraq in over two years.


US fatalities in Iraq have been rare since Washington officially ended combat operations in the country last August, leaving about 45,000 troops.

The story also reports:

Elsewhere in the country on Monday, at least 21 people were killed in twin bomb attacks, one on a mosque, in the northern city of Tikrit.

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  1. CB says:

    is it necessary that we maintain 50k troops in iraq? could we not taper off the military operation for good in favor of badly needed civil programs?

  2. CB says:

    awesome how everyone and their grandma can spend all day talking about some dude’s junk, but 5 dead soldiers and continuing suicide bombings hardly warrant anything. shameful.