Former President George H.W. Bush Released From Hospital

A week before he turns 94, the former President is out of the hospital.

Just about a week after being admitted, President George H.W. Bush has been released from a Maine hospital:

Former President George H.W. Bush has been discharged from a hospital in Maine after receiving treatment for low blood pressure, his spokesman announced on Monday.

“President @GeorgeHWBush was discharged from @SMHCHealth today after being treated for low blood pressure,” Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath tweeted Monday. “The president is deeply appreciative both for the terrific care and the many good wishes he has received.”

The former president, father of former President George W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, was admitted to the Southern Maine Health Care in Biddegord last Sunday after dealing with “low blood pressure and fatigue,” McGrath announced last week.

It was the latest stint undergoing treatment for the 41st president, who was hospitalized in April to treat a blood infection the same weekend he attended the funeral service for his late wife, former first lady Barbara Bush.

The former president, 93, has been in and out of hospitals in recent years to deal with different health problems, including two stays last year due to pneumonia

Here’s McGrath’s Tweet:

Bush will no doubt return to the Kennebunkport home where he’s spent virtually every summer of his life with the exception of the years he served in the Navy.  It’s appropriate given the fact that he will be marking his 94th birthday next Tuesday. Best wishes to the former President for a healthy summer ahead.

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  1. MarkedMan says:

    I wish Bush and his family the best. I would also add, from painful experience with relatives, that family members should give serious, serious thought as to when they should stop bringing an aged relative to the hospital. It is a difficult place to be, and the treatments can be very painful (look up “intubation procedure and side effects”).