Fred Thompson for President?

Jonathan Singer writes a longish and somewhat compelling argument that former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson (who has recently taken to calling himself “Fred Dalton Thompson”), now returned to his acting gig, could emerge as the “consensus conservative” alternative. If nothing else, Joy McCann would be pleased.

I always liked Thompson but don’t recall many highlights of his Senate tenure, nor do I have any sense of what his positions are on the key issues of the day. Presumably, he’s for Law & Order. And, if acting roles count, he has substantial military and foreign policy experience, including CIA director, general, and admiral. And, heck, he’s already played a president (twice) and a White House Chief of Staff. And he really cleaned up NASCAR, too. Not even George H.W. Bush came to office with that kind of resume.

As an additional bonus, the fact that he’s bald would not be the impediment it usually is, as only Mitt Romney has decent hair among the contenders.

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James Joyner
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  1. Bithead says:

    Thompson is someone I could get behind, based on my understanding of his record, which is perhaps somewhat more inclusive than yours.
    One of the more public events was his coining of ‘What did the president know and when did he know it’, during the Nixon investigations.

  2. At a minimum, he’s got the voice for the job.

  3. hln says:

    Brian also wrote about this months ago. I think Instapundit linked it.


  4. I’ve been thinking about this. I’m not sure I see the burning need nor that Fred is the salve to cool that burn. But what does make sense is if he was interviewing in the time honored fashion for VP. He would probably help Rudy the most, Mitt next and McCain the least. All three could use a southerner (Tennessee isn’t that far south, but …). To the extent he could be considered “the consensus conservative” both Rudy and McCain could use that on their ticket.

    And of course the voice would be great in interviews, campaign ads and VP debate. If he gets in, see how much he praises his competitors as a quick gauge of if he is really looking for the VP slot.

  5. C.W. G says:

    Assuming Fred Thompson jumps in, Tennesseans stand mobilized and ready to jump in and support him. He will win if he runs. He’s got the experience, the knowledge, and of course the charisma it takes to run a successful presidential campaign. He will fortify our country and our allies with his statesmanship and he’ll save us from the lefties.

  6. S. Martin says:

    GO Fred!! Please, Please, Please run..

  7. Joel Moak says:

    Run Fred Thompson Run! We need the kind of leadership you would bring. Dream Ticket: Fred Thompson for President JC Watts for VP

  8. Dennis says: