G-Mail Turns One, Doubles Free Storage

Google’s free e-mail service, Gmail, is one year old. To celebrate, they’re doubling the amount of free storage they offer per account to 2 gigabytes.

Google doubles Gmail storage (Computer Weekly)

Google is doubling the storage capacity of its Gmail service to 2GB in a further move that is bound to shake up the web-based e-mail market. Although Gmail is still in limited beta format one year after its official launch, it has been setting the market agenda.

Before Gmail came along, MSN Hotmail and Yahoo users got only 2MB and 6MB respectively of free e-mail storage. Both sets of users now get 250MB of free storage. To get 2GB of e-mail storage Yahoo users currently have to pay £11.99 a year.

Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and others are all competing in the growing search engine advertising market, and providing attractive web e-mail offerings is one way to get users to look at ads within their portals.

Actually, YahooMail now gives 1 gig. And I understand that one can now sign up directly for Gmail rather than needing an invitation from an existing user. That said, I’ve got 50 invites should anyone need one.

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  1. jay marowitz says:

    If you can spare one, I need a G-mail invite.



  2. Tom Hamilton says:

    If you can spare one, I need a G-mail invite, too. Hotmail doesn’t cut it.



  3. natascha Tomazsewski says:

    i need one too (hotmail sucks and gmx doesen’t work) if you have one left it would be awsome
    Thank you so much

  4. Thai Hoang says:

    If you can spare one, I need a G-mail invite, if you have any more at this point.



  5. Ron says:

    If you can spare one, I would like Gmail Thanks

  6. Diana Fitzgerald says:

    If you can spare one more….. I would love to see Gmail… here in Australia

  7. keifus Mathews says:

    I would love an invite to receive G Mail.
    That’s nice of you…THANKS!

  8. Daniel Nilsen says:

    PLease, can I get an g-mail invite from you


  9. Jessica Rost says:

    i would love an invite!! thanks in advance…