Gas Prices Highest Ever for Thanksgiving

Gas Prices Highest Ever for Thanksgiving WASHINGTON (Reuters)

U.S. drivers traveling this week will pay the highest gasoline prices on record heading into a Thanksgiving holiday, the Energy Department said on Monday.

The national pump price for regular unleaded gasoline declined 2.1 cents over the last week to $1.948 a gallon, up 44 cents from a year ago, according to a survey of service stations by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Well to be honest the prices have been pretty high all along. They’ve backed off a bit since the election. I’ve seen $1.83 just two days ago, and today the prices jumped to $1.99 more in anticipation of all the holiday travel than anything else.

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  1. Anjin-San says:

    While campaigning in the 2000 election, Bush & Cheney kept telling us they had an energy plan. They were telling the truth. Oil companies are enjoying record revenue, consumers are getting screwed. The plan is working.

  2. Jerry says:

    Here on the Texas gulf coast, I just paid $1.77 today which is about 5 cents lower than last week. Some stations have up to $1.88 gal.
    If you want to see a increase in price, check out what tomatoes are now, I saw $2.99 lb., now thats up from $1.49 lb.
    It’s not just fuel prices that are rising.

  3. Anjin-San says:

    Jerry, Jerry…

    Not to worry, “the economy is strong and getting stronger”

    …GW Bush


  4. McGehee says:

    Yes, they did have a plan — to ask energy producers what the government needed to do to help produce more energy. And for their troubles they’ve been hounded mercilessly by Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself), and I seem to recall there has been filibustering about more than just judicial nominees.

    But of course it’s all Bush’s fault and calling the Democrats obstructionist is just so unfair.

  5. Anjin-San says:

    God forbid we should actually stop driving gas sucking SUVs, or perhaps reconsider the wisdom of a family of 4 occupying a 6500 square ft. house with 20 ft. cealings.

    Hell no. Lets just trash the enviorment a little bit more. The future is a small price to pay for OUR enjoyment of a little excess…

    Lets just give the energy companies a free hand. All will be well.

    Who cares if a few penguins die in a pool of goo? Or if a few million more people in the third world starve? Dammit, I NEED a Hummer…

  6. Attila Girl says:

    Anjin-San, keep your personal needs to yourself.

  7. Bithead says:

    Interesting how this was worded.
    Should I point out that prices have been dropping for several days, now?

    Flying J’s sheet has been showing drops accordingly. A few of the more interesting locations:

    GA, Brunswick I-95 Exit 29 1.679
    AL, Birmingham I-65/SR94, Exit 264 1.769
    IA, Clive I-80/I-35 Exit 125 1.729
    MO, Peculiar US Hwy 71 Exit J 1.659
    TX, Amarillo I-40 Exit 76 1.719

    Of course we should remember that these are places that don’t require their own formulation. To include them, let’s pick a few of the more interesting of those that fit that category:

    CA, Thousand Palms I-10 2.259
    CA, Ripon Hwy 99 Jack Tone Rd 2.199
    NY, Pembroke I-90 Exit 48A 2.019

    This last one is about 40 miles west of me here.

  8. Anjin-San says:

    Its an old pattern for the oil companies… gas prices surge, then gradually decline a bit. But never back down to previous levels.