Steven Waldman takes a stab at “Why religious people are against gay marriage.” He does a pretty good job with it, but I especially like this reference:

The other moral argument put forward by the world’s great faiths is that homosexuality is “unnatural.” God created man and woman with certain complementary capacities, and not to use them is an insult to the Creator. Sort of like getting a TiVo but not learning how to use the record feature.

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  1. Barbar says:

    He’s right, but man, that’s just some ignorant shit. Forty years from now people will look back on this “debate” in disbelief (or at least I hope). If being gay is so “wrong,” then God shouldn’t have made people gay.

  2. Jericho says:

    Did God make people bestialitites too? What about pedophiles? Did God make people transexuals? – And not just the follow through transexuals, but the partial ones? Did God make people bisexual? Are there genes for all these things as it is claimed their is a ‘gay’ gene? Is their a transexual gene? Is it is a chosen lifestyle? What about voyeurs? Are they compelled by a gene or is it a choice?

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  3. Barbar says:

    More ignorance. The problem with pedophilia is not that it’s “unnatural”, it’s that it HARMS CHILDREN. Why are people so freaking stupid? Simple — “us vs. them” is easy to understand. Gays are outsiders, and the Church needs something to stand against, or else it will become irrelevant.

    This is the same mindset that brought you “science is evil” and “black people aren’t really human beings.” Stupid, stupid ignorance.

  4. McGehee says:

    And of course, it it’s “natural” it must be okay. Like male gorillas killing other males’ offspring…

    Really, let’s not get into this right now.

  5. James Joyner says:

    Indeed, my guess is virtually all repugnant behavior is “natural” in the sense that there is a physiological predisposition in the individual.

    Personally, I don’t see any moral problem with homosexual conduct, since my vantage point is strictly non-supernatural and utilitarian. But it’s understandable that people with religious orientations see it differently.

  6. Barbar says:

    And of course, it it’s “natural” it must be okay. Like male gorillas killing other males’ offspring…

    No, that’s not true. Obviously natural things can be bad. My point was simply that arguing that homosexuality is wrong because it’s “unnatural” is dumb.

    So then what is the objection to homosexuality? I don’t see how it’s like baby murder or child molestation at all. The best you can do is say that it’s icky, that you wouldn’t want to do it yourself.

    People are gay because they are. Now sexuality is an important part of being human, and gays are certainly different from straight folk in that respect. I think that’s pretty funny; apparently some people think that’s a crime, or should be.

    I don’t see how it’s “understandable” that people with religious orientations see it differently than you. Sure, it’s possible to understand it, but it’s not like a supernatural being ever gave a big speech decrying gays. Organized religion is run by people, and ultimately religions succeed by drawing distinctions and boundaries — otherwise there would be no point in belonging to the religion. There has to be something to fight against, something to defend. Gays are different and make good targets. That’s all.