Gingrich is Done

Gingrich is beyond toast.


Back during the 2008 campaign, one of the categories I used in the Toast-o-Meter (an example)was “crumbs at the bottom of the toaster” to signify that candidates wasn’t just toast or burnt toast, but that they were beyond done.

Speaker Grinch, you sir, are crumbs at the bottom of the toaster.

Via the AP:  Gingrich campaign fundraisers quit

Newt Gingrich’s top two fundraising advisers resigned on Tuesday, and officials said the Republican candidate’s hobbling presidential campaign carried more than $1 million in debt.

The departures of fundraising director Jody Thomas and fundraising consultant Mary Heitman were the latest blow for the former House speaker who watched 16 top advisers abandon his campaign en masse earlier this month, partly because of what people familiar with the campaign spending described as a dire financial situation.

These people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the campaign inner workings, said the former Georgia lawmaker racked up massive travel bills but money had only trickled in since he got into the race earlier this spring.

Hmm, perhaps he needs to pull out his Tiffany’s card

The only serious question at the moment is how long he continues with the charade that he has an actual, functional campaign.

The dire state of his situation does beg the question of why he went on a cruise with his wife.  Or, at least, it brings his judgment into question.

Update: I noted the Tiffany’s card above as a bit of a joke, but Chris Cillizza at WaPo reports:  Newt Gingrich had second line of credit at Tiffany and Co. It should be noted, that the balance was zero.  Still, none of this looks especially good for a presidential campaign.  Of course, now it looks is pretty moot.

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  1. Thank goodness!

  2. Tsar Nicholas II says:

    Newt Gingrich was running for president??

  3. OzarkHillbilly (used to be tom p) says:

    Of course, how it looks is pretty moot.

    So true.

  4. hey norm says:

    I really think the Tiffany’s thing is much-ado-about nothing. Have you looked at this guy? Of course he needs to buy his wife expensive jewelry to bribe her into sleeping with him.
    It can’t make it any easier for his fundraisers…which was already a difficult job I’m sure.
    Having said that I think his motivations all along have been pretty similar to Palin’s…feed the ego and fill the wallet.

  5. Herb says:

    “feed the ego and fill the wallet.”

    Seems to me that Gingrich is accomplishing neither of these things….

  6. Bleev K says:

    I bet his private life will follow the same path. He’ll be alone very soon.

  7. Franklin says:

    Newt Gingrich was running for president??

    I think this pretty much sums it up for the general population, and well for us political types it was just plain apathy. Not many comments here, as I expected.