Jeff Quinton is being bombarded with Kobe Bryant searches:

Referrals are already starting to roll in via searches for kobe bryant’s website, kobe bryant supporters, pictures of kobe bryant accuser and pictures of kobe bryant’s accuser. Needless to say, there is no inside information on Kobe Bryant’s accuser on my website.

I probably won’t be posting any information on Kobe Bryant or his accuser anytime soon either.

Update: Some websites claim to have nude photos of Kobe Bryant’s accuser. For the record, I’m not one of those sites.

In related news, Dean Esmay reports

Are you aware that, even today, Kevin McGehee still has not one single picture of Mary Kate & Ashley Nude?

I mean, none at all.

What’s up with that?

This is a longstanding problem that I reported in June.

In happier news, Mark Hasty is apparently no longer getting a lot of requests for nude pictures of Destiny Stahl.

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