Hillary Clinton Raises $29. 5 Million In March

Hillary Clinton fell short of the $44 million that Bernie Sanders raised in March, but still managed to do pretty well herself:

Hillary Clinton raised $29.5 million in March, her campaign reported Monday, claiming victory despite coming in far below Bernie Sanders’ monthly haul of $44 million.

The campaign said it began April with $29 million on hand, noting that more than 50 percent of the $29.5 million total came from online “grassroots donations.” Clinton also raised $6.1 million through the Democratic National Committee and state parties last month, with the quarterly total around $15 million.


The total is roughly $15 million less than the amount raised by Sanders in the same time frame. The Vermont senator reported raising around $44 million last Friday following the midnight Federal Election Commission filing deadline. Sanders’ $44 million month broke his previous record set in February, when the campaign took in approximately $43.5 million.

So far at least, we have not seen any figures for fundraising by any of the Republican nominees, but if the history of this campaign is any indication we can anticipate that none of the candidates on that side of the aisle will end up raising as much as either of the two Democratic candidates. In February, for example, Ted Cruz’s campaign reported raising $12 million in the same month that Sanders and Clinton raised $43 million and $30 million respectively.


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  1. Ben Wolf says:

    Does this include the $26 million the DNC laundered to her campaign?